Date Presenter Sermon Title Resources File Size
1/2/14  André Hamilton  Through God's Eyes Powerpoint Slides    5mb
8/2/14 Natalie Hamilton   Comfort Zone Calories Powerpoint Slides  1.3mb 
15/2/14   André Hamilton Lord, Teach us to Pray   Powerpoint Slides  1.3mb
 22/2/14 Charles Russell  The Power of the Lord is Present to Heal  Powerpoint Slides  0.6mb 
1/3/14 André Hamilton A Contagious Faith Handout 1.6mb
1/3/14 André Hamilton Becoming A Contagious Christian - Afternoon Workshop Handout, Survey, Evangelism Styles, Prayer List, Impact List, Session Notes 150kb-1.6mb
8/3/14 Garry Minns Contagious Relationships Handout 2.1mb
15/3/14 Leslie Ncube Contagious Stories Handout 2.1mb
22/3/14 André Hamilton A Contagious Message Handout 2.1mb
29/3/14 Joe Webb God's Contagious Love
29/3/14 André Hamilton Becoming A Contagious Christian - Afternoon Workshop
Session Notes, Organise Your Story, Develop Your Story, Develop Your Story Questions, Communicating God's Message, Bridge Illustration, Helping Friends Cross the Line of Faith, Prayer List, Impact List.
735kb - 2.4mb
2/8/14 André Hamilton Network: The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts Powerpoint 800kb
2/8/14 André Hamilton Network: Discovery of Spiritual Gifts - Afternoon Workshop #1 Session Notes, Powerpoint, Spiritual Gifts Observation, Session Booklet  (Covers Sessions 1 & 2) 500kb,
is 50mb 
9/8/14 André Hamilton Network: The Power of Love Powerpoint 2.8mb
9/8/14 André Hamilton Network: Personality Style, Ministry Passion and Servant Profile Session Notes, Powerpoint, Session Booklet (Covers Sessions 1 & 2) 2mb, Booklet is 50mb



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