Ministry Guideline System — How we do things

Welcome to the Pine Rivers Ministry Guideline System (MGS).

More details on the system are provided in the document: An Overview to our Ministry Guideline System.

The Ministry Guideline System has been developed to assist in the effective and consistent running of our Pine Rivers SDA Church in Queensland Australia.  We are working together to encourage each other and to share the good news of our salvation and Christ’s soon return – essentially, the Gospel Commission.

The Scriptures form the foundation of our belief systems, but to put the Gospel Commission into action, a practical, orderly approach is essential. To this end, the General Conference on behalf of the world sisterhood of SDA churches is responsible for producing and updating the Church Manual.  Other ‘official’ sources of instruction and counsel are readily available.

These essential resources are broadly based.  For instance the Church Manual serves all SDA churches throughout the world.

Our local church folk have been longing for simple, ready accessible instructions on how to best serve the various church ministries of our local Pine Rivers Church; for example our Deacons, are keen to know ‘what to do at Pine Rivers’.

As a result we have developed our Ministry Guideline System.  It is a distilled version of Church Manual and material from our local South Pacific Division, Australian Union and South Queensland Conference.  Great care is taken to preserve the integrity of these documents.

Ministry Guidelines give a point-by-point description of the responsibilities associated with the various ministries within our local church.  Each Ministry Guideline displays an overview of that ministry (Purpose, Scope, Team, Authorities and Contents) and what is expected for the whole year (Ongoing /Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually).  Attachments contain relevant extracts from the Church Manual and other relevant resources.

The objective has been to list key requirements, yet retain sufficient flexibility for those fulfilling the ministry to exercise their God-given initiative and creativity.

Other churches – even those not of our SDA faith – may see value in adapting these guidelines for their own use.  You are most welcome to do so; however we do ask a couple of things of you:

  1. Do not use these guidelines for commercial gain without our written permission.
  2. In all cases, please recognise our efforts by retaining the original-source part expressed in the footer. ‘Original Source: Pine Rivers SDA Church, Queensland, Australia’