Welcome to Pine Rivers Seventh-day Adventist Church

We invite you to join us on Saturday morning to praise God and to learn more about Him. You are welcome to sit anywhere during the worship program - there are no set seats - and we don't have a 'dress code' either. If you're comfortable, we're happy!

We have two worship programs each Saturday. A small group Bible study which we call Sabbath School and the Main Service where everyone meets together. In both our services we sing, pray to God and collect an offering. However, we emphasise that there is no obligation for you to give an offering if you don't want to. The program is our gift to God and to you - we don't expect anything in return.

Small Group Bible Study

Small Group Bible Study
- begins at 9.20am.

 - This is a time where we can discuss the teachings of the Bible and socialise with each other.

Main Service 
- begins at 11.00am.
Our main service is a time where we join as one church family to worship together and recieve a deeper understanding of various Biblical passages and church core values.


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Place: Brisbane, Queensland

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